This is a series we did at Keyframe for Fisher-Price. I was a Lead Animator and my team and I produced some really fun animation! Click the image to visit my Imaginext Adventures® page.

Imaginext Adventures®


Flips Twisted World

This is the final boss cinematic I animated for the Wii Title, “Flip’s Twisted World”. A game I began working on at Frozen North late in it’s development. I was able to animate some cinematics like this one, as well as many animation cycles.


Pinky Dinky Doo

This is the series I was working on as an animator at Keyframe. It’s season 2 of Sesame Workshop’s PINKY DINKY DOO. It’s a children’s television series created by Jim Jinkins (creator of “Doug“), about a little girl who makes up stories to help her brother solve a problem.

Here are a few various clips I’ve animated, featuring the Storybox dance which was used in almost every episode. Throughout the season I was made Lead Animator on several episodes.


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